Carolyn Wandell-Widdoes: Life of a Server

You're reading Team USHG, a series of spotlights of our team members. From their hobbies outside the kitchen, to their journeys within the company, get to know the team members who make it all happen.

Carolyn Wandell-Widdoes

Server at Gramercy Tavern

Meet Carolyn! She’s worn many hats across USHG since 1988 and is currently a server at Gramercy Tavern, where she’s affectionately known as ‘Mama’. Outside of USHG, Carolyn is also a social worker and works at an afterschool cooking class for children. She has a passion for bringing people together and feels that working as both a server and a social worker allows her to do just that. Check out this spotlight video to hear a little bit more about Carolyn and her experiences over the last two decades at USHG!

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