Amanda Guerrios: Pastry Chef Turned Server Assistant

You're reading Team USHG, a series of spotlights of our team members. From their hobbies outside the kitchen, to their journeys within the company, get to know the team members who make it all happen.

Amanda Guerrios

Server Assistant at Gramercy Tavern

Meet Amanda! After meeting Gramercy Tavern's Executive Pastry Chef, Miro, while in Pastry School at the Institute of Culinary Eduation, Amanda joined the pastry team after graduation. After having a baby in 2018, she wanted a job with a more flexible schedule, and moved to the front-of-house team becoming a backwaiter. Since then, she's been promoted to Server Assistant. Take a look at this spotlight video to learn some more about Amanda's journey from Gramercy Tavern's back-of-house to their front-of-house team!

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