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Union Square Hospitality Group plans to gradually eliminate tipping at all of its New York restaurants. This new way of doing business, called Hospitality Included, has already launched at Blue Smoke Flatiron, Cafe 2 at MoMA, Caffe Marchio, Daily Provisions, Gramercy Tavern, INTERSECT by Lexus, Jazz Standard, Maialino, Manhatta, Marta, Martina, Porchlight, Tacocina, The Modern, Union Square Cafe, Untitled, and Vini e Fritti. Hospitality Included is designed to compensate the entire team – in both the kitchen and the dining room – more equitably, competitively, and professionally, and provide clear paths for professional advancement. 

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Hospitality Included LogoKeep an eye out for this logo on our menus and beyond. It means that the price you see is the price you’ll pay, and represents our commitment to compensating our whole team fairly and professionally.

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A Letter from Danny Meyer about Hospitality Included

October 14, 2015

Danny Meyer's imageDear Friends,

 I am writing to share some important news about Union Square Hospitality Group that we want you to understand before your next visit to one of our restaurants.

Recently, our entire company has been engaged in a robust conversation about how we can provide even more meaningful career opportunities and advancement for our 1,800 employees. It has become increasingly clear to us that a major obstacle in this endeavor is the practice of tipping.

There are countless laws and regulations that determine which positions in a restaurant may, and may not share in gratuities. We believe hospitality is a team sport, and that it takes an entire team to provide you with the experiences you have come to expect from us. Unfortunately, many of our colleagues — our cooks, reservationists, and dishwashers to name a few — aren’t able to share in our guests’ generosity, even though their contributions are just as vital to the outcome of your experience at one of our restaurants.

After a thoughtful, company-wide dialogue, I’m proud to let you know that Union Square Hospitality Group will eliminate tipping throughout our family of restaurants. Starting at The Modern in late November, you will no longer find a tip line on your check, and there will be no need to leave additional cash at the table, the coat check, or the bar. Our other New York restaurants will make this change over the course of the next year.

Once these changes are implemented, the total cost you pay to dine with us won’t differ much from what you pay now. But for our teams, the change will be significant. We will now have the ability to compensate all of our employees equitably, competitively, and professionally. And by eliminating tipping, our employees who want to grow financially and professionally will be able to earn those opportunities based on the merit of their work.

We are making a bold decision for our team and our guests, and we don’t take this lightly. We encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback at

We remain more committed than ever to our promise of delivering excellent dining experiences with warm hospitality — and we hope that you will both support our team and join us on this journey.

With gratitude,

Danny Meyer

Frequently Asked Questions about Hospitality Included

Which USHG restaurants have implemented Hospitality Included?
Hospitality Included is in effect at Blue Smoke Flatiron, Cafe 2 at MoMA, Caffe Marchio, Daily Provisions, Gramercy Tavern, INTERSECT by Lexus, Jazz Standard, Maialino, Manhatta, Marta, Martina, Porchlight, Tacocina, The Modern, Union Square Cafe, Untitled, and Vini e Fritti. See a map of Hospitality Included restaurants.

Tips are still accepted at Blue Smoke Battery Park City and Terrace 5 at MoMA.

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A Map of the Restaurants that Have Adopted Hospitality Included