Hospitality Quotient® (HQ) is the learning and consulting business from USHG, offering customized advice and training to inspire, build, and sustain a company culture of hospitality in organizations across industries.

This is the age of the Hospitality Economy™. Superior products and excellent service are no longer enough to distinguish your business. How you make your customers feel is what sets your business apart – and that’s what hospitality is all about.
Organizations that embrace a hospitality strategy:
1. Earn a reputation as a best place to work
2. Win customer loyalty
3. Generate persistent top line growth
Hospitality is a sustainable competitive advantage. While others try to copy your products, no one can replicate the hospitality experience you create for your stakeholders. Apply a hospitality strategy in your business to differentiate your offering from the competition, even in a saturated market.
Whether your customers are retail clients, business-to-business-clients, patients, or general consumers, HQ can help you shape your business strategy to put hospitality at the forefront in a way that will make your company the place to work, and the place for customers to do business.
Our engagements can range from a one-time inspirational event to a long-term partnership that will yield meaningful, sustainable, and measureable advantage by transforming workplace culture and customer experience. We offer training at HQ or we can come to you. Please give us a call at 646.747.6640 to learn how Hospitality Quotient can create a custom solution for your business.